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Quinte Access History

September 1990

A group of concerned citizens realized that there was no means of accessible transportation available for persons with disabilities in the Trenton and surrounding area so they began a small service with volunteer drivers and a lift equipped van donated by the Rick Meagher Committee, the Belleville Rotary Club and Easter Seals. QA was totally dependent on donations from businesses and service clubs to pay for fuel. Soon QA found they were unable to advertise the service because in no time the van was filled to capacity. They had to find a way to expand because there were so many others who needed the service.

August 1992

QA met with the Ministry of Transportation and found out that there were funds available to assist them with 50% of the operating expensed and capital purchases. However, they had to get Municipal Sponsorship to cover any deficit they could experience.

January 1994

QA signed the first operating agreement with the City of Trenton as Host Municipality and the Townships of Brighton, Murray and Sidney as co-sponsors. The Province began to subsidize 50% of the expenses and they raised the other 50% from fundraising and donations. They did not receive any money from the Municipalities.

April 1994

In April, QA bought a bus which could hold up to 5 wheelchairs and 4 ambulatory with more or less being accommodated by replacing seats. They began to advertise the service. Within no time both the bus and the van were filled to capacity.

January 1995

Town of Brighton and the Village of Frankford entered into the operating agreement.

July 1995

QA received word from the Province that they were cutting the operating subsidy by 25%. It was necessary for the four employees to take wage cuts and QA was forced to increase the fares. All expenses were cut to the bone. QA was now responsible for raising 75% of the yearly budget of $100,000.00.

December 1996

QA was able to purchase another bus to replace the aging van with corporate donations and money from the MTO.

January 1998

The Province downloaded all funding for the service. The City of Quinte West and the Town and Township of Brighton picked up the Provinces’ share. QA continued fundraising to raise 50% of operating and capital expenditures. The client list was growing rapidly

March 1999

QA purchased another bus to replace the worn out 1994 bus.

September 1999

QA purchased a lift equipped van with monies from the Charity Gaming Funds. With the two buses and van, they were now doing over 500 one way trips per month.