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Booking an appointment:

  • Call 613-392-9640
  • Appointments should be booked no later than 12 p.m. one business day prior to needing the service. Same day service may be available if the schedule will allow it.
  • After hours, weekend and holiday service is provided on a first come first serve and is dependent on driver and vehicle availability.
  • If you will be travelling with an attendant/companion, please notify the office at the time of booking. Your attendant travels free of charge.

Note: Every attempt will be made to accept reservation for the service. However, the maximum capacity for the system and the availability of the vehicle suitable to the customer must be considered. Please inform the dispatcher at the time of booking of any physical limitations which may be consideration for the use of the service.

Cancelling an appointment:

  • As soon as you are aware you are not able to keep the scheduled appointment, please phone the office.
  • Excessive cancellations and/or no shows may result in being charged as if the service had been provided and my lead to temporary or permanent suspension of service.

I’ve booked my appointment, what can I expect on the day of service?

  • Be ready 15 minutes before scheduled pick up time as vehicles cannot wait.
  • Ensure that your walk ways, steps, and/or ramps are kept clear.
  • Wear your seat belts; they are for your safety. If you choose to not wear a seat belt you must sign a form releasing Quinte Access from all responsibility.
  • Have exact fare ready before boarding the vehicles. All trips must be paid in cash at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made with the office
  • In cases when an appointment may run past scheduled pick up time please notify the office immediately to arrange an alternate pick-up time.
  • Before exiting the vehicle, please ensure you have collected all of your personal belongings. Any items left behind on the service vehicle must be reported to the office as soon as possible to ensure the safe and speedy return of the item to its owner.
  • Packages and other carry-on items should be kept to a minimum and must be taken with you. It is likely that a different driver/vehicle will return to pick you up.
  • No food or beverages may be consumed on service vehicles.
  • Do not ask our driver to make unscheduled stops or to perform any duties which could be considered unsafe.